Is It Really December?


My Facebook feed has been full of christmas post, christmas photo’s and lots of pictures of trees..

I am sat here in disbelief that we are in December, I want to know where this year has gone, I want to know why it has decided to fly by at the rate of knots.

I am not ready, I mean, we have started christmas shopping and talking about plans for the big day, but mentally I don’t feel ready. I find myself stressed about it this year. I am not sure if its because Moo and H expect big things, they are both so very much aware and have been on countdown since Moo’s birthday last month. I want to make it a good one, this year has been, lets just say, testing at times and although they are unaware of the bad thats happened, I want to make it good.

We normally put our tree up Mid-December, I think that is substantial leading up to the christmas period, but this year I have seen people putting their decorations up Mid-November, really? I think I am a bit scrooge like when things start appearing in November. For someone that isn’t ready, thats far too early.

I am hoping that I get into the spirit soon, I currently have an unwell boy and I am concentrating on getting him better. I am hoping that come December 12th {when the tree will go up} I will be a lot more chilled and a lot more happier about christmas.

It feels strange, normally as soon as December hits us, I am all for it and greet it with open arms, but this year, its taking some time. The same question is rolling round my head, the same four words keep escaping my mouth “is it really December”



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