Get Me Outta Here…

So who is watching? I religiously watch every year. This year is a bit much though. Poor Helen! The public should really give her a break! I have to agree that she signed up for this so she knew how the programme was based and she knew that she could quite possibly be set up for each task if she played up to it, but every task? come on? ITV have paid thousands for these task productions and they are probably spitting feathers as they are quite literally pissing their money away… I cant wait till the voting stops, then we get to see real people do some tasks.. although I would like to see how well Hugo copes with one, watching him through the live trial rolling his eyes at Helen when she kept giving up, I would like to see him try facing it, if it was his seventh time.. Yes I find Hugo annoying, in fact I find most of them annoying, this is not the best year for celebrities. The only celebrity I like has now buggered off and left!

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