Funny Ole Week…

This week has been a funny ole week. It started of well, and then it slowed right down and ended in a sickness bug! Thor has never really been ill, but has managed to catch a nasty bug that has sent him into a panic!

The husband has been working late’s this week and is now working the weekend (lovely mothers day for me!) He was off Thursday and Friday but we didn’t really do much as the weather turned cold and wet. Moo was at play school as usual. Thor was not really himself of Thursday, woke from his nap a bit teary which is not really like him. Yesterday morning Moo woke at 6am, turned on her light and made her way back up to her bed (she is in the top bunk and Thor is underneath) and then started banging on the wall for 20 minutes!

I could only cope with it for so long so I went in to the bedroom ready to explain to her in was not acceptable to wake us up by banging on the wall! when she immediately said

Thor’s been sick…. and its gwim

He had indeed been sick and it was indeed, in my daughters words grim… He was not himself for the next few hours he had no control, and I think it panicked it him. Luckily and thankfully he was not sick again! He had a lovely hour and a half snooze on me and he did wake slightly better.

Come lunch he was begging me for food, I couldn’t just ignore him, so I gave him a little fruit as I didn’t want to just let him starve. There was the odd episode throughout the day but not as bad as the first part of the morning!

We offered him dinner but he just picked and barely touched it. He went to bed and we were woken at 3 by Moo calling us. My worst though was, he had been sick! but he was actually standing up in the corner of the room! Apparently Moo said she heard a thud, he must of fallen out the bed. We are still trying to work out how as he still has a bed guard on the bed and there is not much room for him to fall between. I tucked him back up and he went back off. He seems a lot better today and I am hoping it was just a 24 thing and Moo and everyone else escapes!

 ♥ Cherry Blossom Rain 



  1. March 9, 2013 / 1:46 pm

    I hope your all better soon 🙂 big hugs x

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