Family Trip To The Dentist

So… It was the B family annual trip to the dentist and Moo was also being seen. I had been preparing her all week as last time we went she freaked out a little so I didn’t get her checked. She woke this morning declaring she was going to the dentist just like Tig from Cbeebies, and she would drink that drink and spit it out. I said she would be too young for that! She got upset and I said she may if she was good get a sticker. We arrived and I was called in first. I took Moo in with me and Thor stayed out side with the husband. Moo stood and watched so intently at what was happening! she asked questions and the dentist answered them and talked her through what he was doing

Im just going to polish mummy’s teeth now, with this tooth paste

Im too little for that… mummy already said so, she also said I was too little for that drink…

She is such a chatterbox! It was now Moo’s turn, she laid down and opened her mouth and showed her teeth, she was so good and got a big sticker! she even went back in with daddy to watch him being seen to as well! Thor was good as gold too, was a rather pleasant experience to be honest, I was expecting it to be stressful!


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