Don’t Fix It… If It Ain’t Broke…

Saturday morning TV! Moo is unwell, YET AGAIN! In fact both both kids are, both have conjunctivitis! and its pretty bad, Moo refuses to have the eye drops and it was like a slap down wrestle to try and get them into her this morning, good ole bribery did the trick! So once they were settled, I snuggled on the sofa with her and switched on CBebbies only to find out good ole Bob The Builder had in fact been Digitally remastered! I was not entirely taken by the whole thing! I preferred the old version.


Why do they do it? Why do they change it? they did it to poor Fireman Sam too! although I have got used to that but Bob has seriously gone down in my estimations!


The Original…



The Newly Updated…


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