Cops and Robbers {What We’re Reading}…

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I had never heard of this book before my sister in law had her baby. She read it to her little girl and she loved it! So when Moo was old enough I bought it and Moo loves it just as much and now Thor is getting into it. He is really into police cars and fire engines so this is a good book as he is constantly pointing at the policemen and saying

nee naa nee naa nee naa

I love the way the book is written, they way the words roll of you tongue, the way it all rhymes together. Its basically like a song! photo 2

photo 3

Moo always joins in with me when it come to the best part..

Ho Ho for the robbers the cops and the robbers Ho Ho!

photo 1 copy

photo 2 copy

This book is based around christmas and its all about the good and the bad, I love it and I am also a fan of Janet and Alan Ahlberg! If you have not read it, its definitely a must! What books are you reading to your little ones at the moment?

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