Christmas Traditions….

Most families have traditions… What tea you have Christmas Eve. How you have your presents Christmas day etc… When I was younger I cannot remember the traditional Christmas Eve tea was, I think it was probably some kind of buffet selection. Christmas day was great! when I tell people they look at me in shock horror, but it worked in our house hold and I loved it BUT it will not be a tradition I carry on as its not how the husband did it… We would open our stockings and be allowed one present of our choice from under the tree, this could be a dud present for all we knew! then we would go and do our christmassy duties… Church, and then off to the respective families houses to celebrate with them, open all those present, have dinner and come back home ┬álater in the evening for a light tea and to open all the rest of the presents from my mum. We used to love it! after a long day which might I add we had to watch our cousins (not all of them just some!) open up the majority of there presents that they had not been given in the morning with there “family time” (it was torture!) it was nice to know that when they would be fighting and bickering about who got what, we would be at home opening up the rest of our presents! Boxing day was normally spent with my dad, or as we got older we stayed at home or spent it with our better halfs.

The Christmas traditions we have are christmas Eve tea which is always something with chips.. I am going to do burgers this year with homemade chunky chips. New Christmas pyjamas for Moo Moo and Thor, (I have some too!)

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If so do share!



  1. December 20, 2012 / 7:31 pm

    our Christmas traditions are: Christmas eve buffet type food followed by icing christmas biscuits. Christmas day we open the ‘santa’ presents in the morning and then in the afternoon we open the present from under the tree (these are the ones from family and friends which we dont see on the day)

    Bring on Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you

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