Cabin Fever…

Its only been a day since I last went out, but its been a week of having sick children and its getting to me now! Well technically its been more like 4-5 weeks of continuous sickness but lets not go there! Today has been tough!

“Tell me what we are doing mummy”

“I want this mummy”

“I dont want that now, I want this”

“How about you get me that now mummy?”

“Whats on mummy?”

“What are we doing tomorrow mummy”

Continuous questions and the same answers! I have severe cabin fever and its going to be like this tomorrow too! I am keeping Moo Moo of play school for another day and I am hoping by Thursday she can go back! She is fine in herself I just cannot let her go back looking the way she does! Thor on the other hand just gets on with it without complaints and the only time he does complain is when he is tired! Ive never known the kids to be this ill, I am hoping this is it, I keep telling myself this anyway but they get over one thing and then catch something else, so I expect next week we will have some other disease infested bug in the house which I am sure to moan about!


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