Busy Week Ahead…

Moo is still at play school till Friday so I still have the routine of taking her back and forth till then. Friday is the christmas party which I will also be attending, 25 screaming children! god help me! I have a few errands to run as well. I am meeting a friend tomorrow afternoon who I have not seen in ages!! Her daughter is Moo’s age and they have not seen each other either for so long! its been difficult trying to catch up now the little ones are at play school, different times etc.. so I am looking forward to that! (We have a meeting point at my sister in laws new house so I get to see her too!)  Thursday I am off to my sisters to exchange presents as I am not going to be seeing them before Christmas. Friday Is the christmas party, and then thats it! the relaxing can begin…. she says…. I still have too…

  1. Wrap remainder of the presents (all of Moo’s and Thor’s, nieces and Nephews)
  2. Do a complete christmas food shop
  3. Do a complete clean of the flat before Monday
  4. Pack overnight bags ready for Christmas day
  5. Put a bike together!

The list can go on, but I wont bore you….


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