Burglar Bill {What We’re Reading}


Who’s that creeping down the street?

who’s that climbing up the wall?

Who’s that coming through the window?

Who’s that?… Its Burglar Bill.

I love to pick a book up and remember it from when I was younger. I remember this book from school and I remember it well.

This book is based around Burglar Bill, and its not until he stumbles across a box whilst out on his nightly jaunts, which contains a baby and being burgled himself does his life change.


The moral of the story is hidden away and its not something that stands out, but by the end of the story all turns well, and Bill becomes the honest man.


By the time I have finished reading I am always smiling. Moo and the little boy always enjoy reading this at bedtime. Its not a book that is read constantly its one that’s usually hidden away between 2 large books and its a surprise when you find it.  A good surprise.


The illustrations are simple yet effective and help you tell the story, which I love about a book.

I love Janet and Allan Ahlberg. I am definitley going to expand on there range. I went in for a session at Moo’s school a few weeks ago, and at the end of the day, they were read Funny Bones. I loved Funny Bones when I was little and remember the TV programme to. I am definitely going to buy some of these books after christmas.

If like me you have been reading and want to share then please pop by Lucy (dear beautiful) Kelle (Maggie Stone) and Carrie (Space for Butterflies) and see what they have been reading and link up there!

Maggie Stone


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  1. cariemay
    December 11, 2013 / 8:21 am

    Your Moo has a wonderful Ahlberg collection – this is another I’m going to have to add to my wishlist!

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