Blog Love #5

Ever since I started blogging, its become second nature to read my favourite blogs, check twitter and to see how they have enjoyed their days on Instagram.  The list grows weekly and I feel I am beginning to know these blogs as people rather than something I am just reading from my computer screen. My blog is nowhere in league with some of my most favourites, but its something I love doing and as long as I keep enjoying it, I will carry on with it.

I have a “blogs I heart” page dedicated to my most favourite but I have decided to do a little feature that showcases them and their blog. The reason being, because my list is endless and I just don’t want to keep adding to it without explanation!  Now I am sorry if this totally embarrasses you, apologies in advance!

This week I am featuring Kerri-Ann from Life Of Our Little Family.

I have only just recently {within the last few months} started to read KA’s blog. It was an instant hit and its one I really like to catch up on. Its such a fresh blog and KA writes its beautifully. It engages you, so it makes you want to go back and read more.

 KA is a full time working mummy and juggles work and looking after Mr H, Lil G and not forgetting the family dog Alfie Bear.  Everything KA blogs about is cheery and always puts a smile on my face. I think its lovely that you can relate to others blogs and I definitely relate to this one.

Recently KA had a major blog re-design, and it’s definitely fro the better. Its so fresh and current and she is so proud of it. I think its such a beautiful design and fits in to her very lovely blog.

Lil G is just the sweetest little boy, he has amazing fashion sense {just like is mummy!} He really is the apple of his mummy’s eye, and every spare minute KA gets its spent with him.

KA joins up with quite a few link-ups, one being #littlelove.. Friday is my favourite day of the week, its when I sit down and read all that have joined in and find out what they have been getting up too. You find so much out about someone through this blog hop and I feel I really know KA {and all the others who share their #littlelove} I feel if I was to meet KA in a room, we would probably hit it off straight away. Its so weird that just by reading someones blog that can happen.

If by any chance you have not heard of KA then you really should head over and have a look at her “thoughts”

Here is a link if you want to go and check out Kerri-Ann and her amazing blog! {its definitely as must!}

Life As Our Little Family

Next week I will be featuring my another blog love so do pop by and check out who will be featuring!



  1. October 20, 2014 / 10:21 am

    Aww thank you lovely lady. Oddly I was just reading through yours as the link came up on my screen! Thank you so much for the mention. I feel the same lovely, if we were to meet we would definitely hit it off! Are you going to Blogfest on Nov 8th? It will be my first blogging event … Eek! Blog love x x

    • October 20, 2014 / 10:25 am

      I am really enjoying writing about my favourite blogs, plus its a huge shout out to them! I think its nice to get recognition.. No not doing Blogfest! I need to pluck up the courage to do a blog event I think 😉

      • October 20, 2014 / 10:28 am

        It’s my first one hon, I’m meeting a friend there who I will no doubt hang on to all day! Have a lovely week x

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