Blog Love #4

Ever since I started blogging, its become second nature to read my favourite blogs, check twitter and to see how they have enjoyed their days on Instagram.  The list grows weekly and I feel I am beginning to know these blogs as people rather than something I am just reading from my computer screen. My blog is nowhere in league with some of my most favourites, but its something I love doing and as long as I keep enjoying it, I will carry on with it.

I have a “blogs I heart” page dedicated to my most favourite but I have decided to do a little feature that showcases them and their blog. The reason being, because my list is endless and I just don’t want to keep adding to it without explanation!  Now I am sorry if this totally embarrasses you, apologies in advance!

This week I am featuring Emma for Life At The Littlewood

Recently I started reading Emma’s lovely blog over at life at the littlewood.. Everything about this gorgeous blog is perfect and its so up there with my favourites.

I found Emma through Morgana’s blog when she linked up with #littlelove one week, and since then I have not looked back.I was devastated when Emma took a blog siesta through the holidays but she was constantly updating Instagram with gorgeous photos to keep me {and others} updated of her whereabouts!

Emma blogs about her very gorgeous family, Eva, Noah, Annie, and Mr M. Its not all based around family things though. Emma has blogged about fashion, Her home {which is stunning might I add!} what her and her family get up too, and food..

Its not that difficult to get pulled into Emma’s blog, I happened to read one post and then a few hours later I was still reading archived posts. It is such a lovely blog to read. Its not all about the family though, there are some serious blog posts which are so beautifully written. I find myself nodding along as I am reading as they are honest and true. Its nice to know that behind the blog is a normal everyday person who is the same as me and you.

Emma’s fashion sense is amazing {not just hers but her little kiddies too!} One of my favourite things to do on Instagram is see what she has been wearing {she can pull anything off} We both have a love for Solillas shoes and thanks to her and another very talented blogger I bought my first {and second} pair!

I sometimeS wonder if bloggers really know how good their own blogs are.. This is the reason for these little Blog Love posts, I want the bloggers to know how appreciated their blogs are and what an influence they have on their readers.. Emma’s is such a wonderful, happy, place to stop by. Its an honest “diary” of her and her little families world and it really is a joy to read. I am rather chuffed I came across it!

If by any chance you have not heard of Emma then you really should head over and have a look at her little space

Here is a link if you want to go and check out Emma and her amazing blog! {its a must!}

Life At The Littlewood

Next week I will be featuring my another blog love so do pop by and check out who will be featuring!



  1. lifeatthelittlewood
    October 13, 2014 / 5:04 pm

    Thankyou so much for this gorgeous write-up Anna-Marie. You are far too kind, but I really appreciate all your lovely words, really I do! I’ve been following this little series every week and I’m so honoured to be part of it. The very best part of blogging for me has been the amazing people I’ve been introduced to through it. You are absolutely one of them! Thankyou again sweetpea xx

    • October 14, 2014 / 9:27 am

      Thanks, its definitely one of my favourites, I find all the cool blogs from the #littlelove link.. cough cough looking at you 😉

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