Blog Love #2

Ever since I started blogging, its become second nature to read my favourite blogs, check twitter and to see how they have enjoyed their days on Instagram.  The list grows weekly and I feel I am beginning to know these blogs as people rather than something I am just reading from my computer screen. My blog is nowhere in league with some of my most favourites, but its something I love doing and as long as I keep enjoying it, I will carry on with it.

I have a “blogs I heart” page dedicated to my most favourite but I have decided to do a little feature that showcases them and their blog. The reason being, because my list is endless and I just don’t want to keep adding to it without explanation!  Now I am sorry if this totally embarrasses you, apologies in advance!

This week I am featuring Carie from Space For The Butterflies.

I started reading Carie’s blog when I linked up to her blog hop “What We’re Reading”. I quickly fell in love with Carie’s writing. Her blog is well and truly beautifully written.

Carie blogs about family life with 3 gorgeous children.. Kitty, Elma and most recently the very cute Little Pip. I honestly thought Carie had the perfect family until just over six months ago she posted a picture on Instagram saying she was pregnant with number 3 {if anything is going to get me broody its this!} I read her weekly accounts of updates and It was a delight to follow her through it.. Carrie then went suddenly quiet so I just knew something was brewing and yep… A day later Pip arrived.. And her family is just perfect! Its adorable seeing her girls with their baby brother!

Carrie writes about the daily things, such as lunches out with her girls {before pip of course, but most recently she wrote a post about the family going out as a 5!}, The milestone post about Kitty and Elma {and soon to be Pip no doubt!} Its lovely to read and it gives you a sense of knowing her family just that little bit more..

she takes the most gorgeous photos and links them up with a blog hops such as “Siblings” “Living Arrows” “The Ordinary Moments” and “This Moment” Her children are very photogenic, which is always a good thing! Her photo’s always make me smile and gets me to step back and say wow..

As well as family life, Carie manages to fit in the odd Crochet/knitting into her busy schedule! Most recently creating some gorgeous knits for Little Pip. I am a huge fan of her Ravelry site, she has an amazing collection of socks which she has made! Pretty impressive and slightly jealous that she wears such gorgeous socks!  I managed to get a few tips out of her regarding a very ripply ripple blanket.. I honestly do not know how she fits it all in!

The way Carie writes is really beautiful, its something I only wish I could do, its so eloquently done, whether Carie knows it or not, her blog is truly beautiful in more ways than one…

Carie is up there in my favourite blogs I like to read, and if you have not had a read of Space For Butterflies then you really should, you will fall into it just like I have

Here is a link if you want to go and check out Carie and her amazing blog!


Next week I will be featuring my second blog love so do pop by and check out who will be featuring!


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  1. cariemay
    September 15, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    Now I’m well and truly blushing! Thank you for your very kind words, I’m glad you enjoy my little Internet home 🙂

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