Assigning chores for your children to do is very important and it will serve them well later in life. There are two main reasons why parents should assign chores to their kids- one is to prepare them for life, for when they grow up and start living apart from their families, and the other is to keep them busy while still little and teach them responsibility and respect. Both reasons, however, are rather relevant and aim to accomplish the same thing- learning responsibilities, avoiding laziness, being less dependent on their parents and learning to do things on their own.
One of the biggest mistakes parents make is think their children are way too young to do cleaning chores, but unless your child is basically still a baby(0-1 year, year and a half), this statement is completely false. By not letting your child do chores you are doing more harm than good. You might be surprised by your child’s capabilities from a young age. They are not at all incapable of helping around the house and being a productive member of the family from a young age.
We will be combining personal chores with family chores as it doesn’t really matter. From a young age, whom or what they benefit, as long as they do.
(Age 2-5)
From such a young age children do not grasp the full context behind chores and why are they important, the fact is they are happy to be part of the activity. Tidy Cleaners London suggests to make them do something simple like- make their own bed, take all the pillows from the floor and put them on the sofa,bed. Most of the chores that you assign your child, at such a young age, should be under parental supervision. The older they get the list grow. You can have your child move laundry from one place to another, help with the cleaning(dusting, wiping, sweeping). You can also get them to help care for a pet by refilling their bowl of water.
What you need to remember is that at this age your child is most likely to do a sloppy job, the point is that you should not have high expectations of the end results. While they are still too young it is the effort that counts, more than the successful outcome.
(Age 6-11)
As your child’s age advances you can start outsourcing more important tasks for them. Adding a to-do check-list for age appropriate children. It is when you can start building their sense of responsibility and teach them personal manners. As long as personal chores go, they should make their own beds, clean their rooms and take care of their own personal hygiene. They may even be able wake up on their own with the help of an alarm clock etc.
The list of family chores you can outsource to your child grows even longer. Some of them are still recommended under supervision, but most of them they are free to do on their own. Your child could help set  the table, empty indoor trash cans, answer the phone. They could also prepare easy meals such as lunch by themselves. Letting them also help wash the dishes under supervision and assist in washing the car.
From age 12 to 15 and above your child is practically capable of doing most of the housework. It depends on you how much you want to outsource to them. Keeping in mind that leaving your child unburden, without chores is usually the wrong way to go. Keep them busy with personal and family chores so that they can start preparing for the outside world and learn to deal with it on their own- step by step.

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