A Non Christmas Post…

Wow!! A post not at all about Christmas! (I still manage to type the word CHRISTMAS though!) Thor is now getting the hang of this walking thing… He managed to walk from the hallway to the sofa tonight! thats a bloody long way for someone who has only just learnt to walk! My nark is WHY when they learn to walk is it that they get this obsession with stairs! Luckily I do not have stairs and thank god as I would be up and down them all day! (unless of course I had a stair gate!) I went to a friends house today and Thor was obsessed with the things! he was constantly making a beeline for them. I ended up having to shut the door and he threw a huge paddy and head butted the floor! He was a little monkey. Once he was distracted he was fine. Moo was up and down the stairs and he was rather jealous and just wanted to be with her.

Note to self.. when I sell this pokey but lovely flat and buy a new home.. buy.a.bungalow


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