Every month I have decided to pop up a post all about my two. It only seems fitting considering this is a parenting blog. It’s rare that I blog about G and H specifically. I blog about how hard I find parenting and the struggles that come along with it, but not individually on how they are doing. I used to do updates every few months on how each were doing but I’ve decided to do it slightly different with how I go about the blog post. Monthly posts I feel will work better, and it’s a prompt for me to take more photos. Which is what I am lacking lately!

I say it every month, but I am sat her, thinking how on earth am I typing up a monthly round-up of my two. I really cannot believe just how quickly November went. It was a pretty full on month and the biggest standout moment was G turning 9! We started the month with a birthday and G really embraced it. She had literally been counting down for the whole year. She had a wonderful day and I still can’t quite get my head round the fact I have a nine year old!

School wise G has done so well. I had a parents evening for both children and they have made me so very proud. G still needs that little bit of confidence in the classroom but she is doing so so well academically. I really couldn’t ask her do do anymore that what she already is. H has also really surprised me. He has progressed so much in the first term. Levelling up on so many goals within the classroom and even his writing and reading has come on leaps and bounds.

I have struggled to parent this month. I won’t lie its been really hard. With G being the eldest I expect her to listen, respect and treat us as parents and her brother exactly how she would like to be treated, but we have struggled so much this month. She is going through so many emotions and changes and I think she is really trying to get her head round it all. Her only way is to take it out on us and I have struggled with it. I am trying to be the clam parent I should be, but sometimes its hard.

With that in mind, you can probably guess at how well their sibling relationship has panned out this month! Its been hit and miss. They can be so loving some days. I can watch them play and it makes me so happy to see them getting on. It can turn though and they can bicker and argue till the sun goes down. Its not nice to hear. But the good days most definitely weigh out the bad and by the end of the month I have forgotten about the arguments that have played out.

This month has been such a wonderful month. I have really enjoyed watching both G and H grow. Its lovely to see and something I will always cherish.



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