Winter Mornings {The Ordinary Moments}

Winter Mornings {The Ordinary Moments}

We are now well and truly into winter. I chop and change every year whenever a season starts what my favourite time of the year is and since doing the school run I can honestly say winter is not a favourite!


I admit, I like the crisp mornings, the bright blue sky against the icy fields. The feeling of being toasty warm once inside. I don’t like standing out in it that I do know and I certainly don’t like de-icing the car! Lately this is exactly what I have been doing.

G and H are not fans of the cold weather and I do get quite a few moans when getting ready to leave of a morning. Standing in the cold is not on my favourite things to do list and it’s not on theirs either, needs must and all.

But, I do like winter as an excuse to wrap up warm, to pile on the layers and to stay toasty warm. When I am standing, waiting for G and H to finish school I dream of being under a blanket with a hot cocoa. G likes to have a hot drink when she arrives back from school and H tends to join me under the blanket, it’s definitely a perfect way to have snuggles.

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3 thoughts on “Winter Mornings {The Ordinary Moments}”

  • I like and dislike things about all different seasons but I have to admit, winter is definitely my least favourite, although I adore the month of December. I don’t mind the cold, but I hate the dark and grey days, they are just so depressing. However like you I do love snuggling under a blanket and lighting some candles in the evening to make the house nice and cosy. That’s definitely the best part. x

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