I had a completely different post lined up for today, but I decided to schedule that for another time. This week has been hard and its proved how tough parenting can be. Its amazing how you just get on with it and make things work as a parent. Both Mr B and I have had to make adjustments this week to make it work and luckily his job has allowed us to do that.

Last weekend H was ill. He was out of sorts on Sunday and rather clingy. H is a very cuddly boy anyway, but this was different. He refused dessert and he laid on the sofa for the best part of the day. We were actually out at my in-laws. When he said he wanted to go home we knew something wasn’t quite right. He had a nap in the car and woke a little brighter so we put it down to a few late nights. Early evening he was sick so we our first initial thoughts were a sick bug. It only went downhill from then on.

Monday, he seemed fine, Mr B was working later so I managed to leave H with him at home whilst I dropped G at school. Thinking he was fine I told the school he would be back over the next few days. There is a 48 rule at our school so it meant by Wednesday he would be back. I got home to relieve Mr B and instantly smelt bleach when I opened the door. Never a good smell when you have a sick child! H was actually sick whilst I was out.

It all seemed to get worse from then on. H’s temperature rose to 40° and it was quite a struggle to get it below 39°. Over the next few days, he really was quite poorly. I had in the back of my mind about how the Flu had been spreading like wild fire around the country but I refused to admit it and put it down to a bad cold. It wasn’t until Tuesday and Wednesday that he stayed in bed ALL day that I thought this could be more than your average cold.
I called the doctors and they really didn’t want to know. I’d been controlling the temperature by now at home and he was drinking plenty of fluids but I was still quite shocked at how quickly they dismissed a 6 year old child. I knew the best thing for me to do was keep in indoors. So I continued as I was doing. I was obviously dealing with it well, because by Friday he had turned a corner and he was starting to be more mobile. Yesterday was the first full day where he was awake all day, he didn’t need to go and lay down in bed and had been temperature free.
This week has been tough, Its been tiring, and its been a week of worry. You must of all read in the news about this very serious Flu spreading the UK and I really did refuse to admit that H had caught it. But after seeing him so poorly, I know he had it. It was scary. He had his Flu nasal spray at school before Christmas and I honestly dread to think, if he didn’t receive it, how worse he could of been. Its shocking how quickly he went downhill and I really hope G does not get it. H is a very good patient, I didn’t even know he was at home half the time. G on the other hand is a completely different child when she is ill!
 The reason for this Ordinary Moment, is we don’t tend to blog about the harder parts of parenting. We tend to show the nicer parts. The picture perfect family, the outings and the holidays. Its not very often you read a post where its been tough as a parent. This week has been really hard, against all the worry about how sick H was and how to deal with it, Ive also had the hard part of splitting myself up and trying to deal with G. Making sure she is at school and picked up. Luckily I have some amazing friends that have really helped me out. But sometimes it doesn’t work out like that.

I am linking up with Donna over at What The Redhead Said for this linky. I am hoping I can join in weekly! One of many new years resolutions!

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