When we moved into our house 2 years ago, it took us a whole year to start the renovations. It started because I was fed up with the shower and desperately wanted a bath. When we bought the house there wasn’t a bath in place so I managed to put up with it for a year and then couldn’t go any longer without having one. Plus bath time is no fun with children when you don’t have a bath!

Another few months passed and what was not the ordinary was now most definitely THE ordinary. We officially started the renovations with a full house re-wire and as much as I was over joyed with work finally taking place the mess was actually not much fun. The dust, the fact I had strangers in the house suddenly became the norm and it wasn’t something I enjoyed very much. It was only going to get messier and more disorganised over the coming months.

We had scheduled in for the windows to be replaced in our back room. Brickwork and new patio doors made the space we used as a lounge into something much more liveable. It opened up the space and made it deceivingly bigger. It was now my favourite room of the house. We had a plasterer booked in but due to high demand in work we needed up waiting just over two months. The renovation work stalled.

We ordered a new front door and again there was a long wait before that could be fitted and we are still waiting. But the plasterer made good use of the 4 days he had spare and plastered our huge living/backroom, office and 3 bedrooms in record time. Whilst we had him round we also had a measure up of our cladding that we were having put up around the front of the house, and within a day of the plastering being finished I had yet more builders around the house.

It has been so chaotic, I literally want to lock myself away in the only room that is finished and that is the bathroom. I look around and think, this is just unreal, the amount of work that is going into making this our perfect family home. This is so ordinary for us at the moment, as a family its stressful, its not the norm at the moment. G and H have been super chilled about it. All they worry about is what colour their rooms will be! I on the other hand is so over the renovation and willing it to be over with. But its a long way off. Its going to be a while before the chaos subsides in the mummyheartsyou household.

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  1. October 17, 2016 / 8:27 pm

    Renovation works are such a nightmare aren’t they? I don’t envy you living in that but just imagine when it is all done? It will feel amazing because it was a result of all your hard work. x

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