Sports Day 2015 {The Ordinary Moments}

These past few weeks for Moo have been busy. Yesterday was sports day and although she came home and was quite despondent that she wouldn’t do well, she actually surprised herself!

Its quite a completive affair and although I always say to myself I won’t holler and scream, it actually never ends up that way. I pitched myself in my chair at the starting block so I could see her start off {I actually got confused thinking it was actually the finish!}

I could tell she was nervous, bouncing up and down, finger in her mouth and she managed to pick up the giggles! There were 4 races, with 5 heats.. Bean bag race, egg and spoon, a normal straight race and then the obstacle race. I had spoken to her before hand about the obstacle race because last year she actually came first and it wasn’t until she had reached the sacks, that she struggled and thats when all went to pot. But this year she came 2nd!

It was a really lovely afternoon, thankfully the rain held off and it was lovely sitting out in the sun {maybe a tad too warm!} The whole school did so well and to top it off, Moo’s team {red} actually won the event!

It wasn’t until I went to see Moo at the end of the event that I realised that she came top three in all events! She did so well and she was really quite chuffed with herself!

Today as I write this {Saturday} my TimeHop app has notified me that I have memories to look back on, I opened it up and it was last years photo, last years sports day and just a tad smaller version of the little girl I have today.. I love Timehop for things like this, it shows just how far they have come in a year.. {Her team actually came last, last year!!}


My gorgeous girlie, one year ago {2014}


This years sports day {2015} she has mastered the pose!

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5 thoughts on “Sports Day 2015 {The Ordinary Moments}”

  • Oh Fun! My daughters Sports Day will be soon now! She did really well last year, and she can run even faster now so I am interested in how well she will do this year!
    I love sports day!

  • Nice to hear about a sports day with some competition, ours has none at all! Glad she did well and enjoyed herself, that’s the main thing 🙂

  • It’s crazy how much they change in a year isn’t it? Reading this has made me excited about when I get to experience all these kind of things with Mads when she is at school. I can’t wait for things like Sports Day. Sounds like Moo did really well! x

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