Siblings {The Ordinary Moments}

Moo and The Little Boy have such a lovely relationship {when they are not arguing of course!} In the morning Moo will wake her brother and they will play together. I lay in bed and listen to them talking. Moo will climb into the little boys bed and either play with the stash of trains he has under his pillow or they will both climb out and make there way to the lounge {sometimes they head straight for our room}

This week has been testing, its been half term and its been stressful with lots going on. I have tried to get out every day so they can at least let of steam. When they play together, they really do play together. Sharing toys and making up there own memories as they go along.

I caught them this week in the bathroom, a sink full of water. Moo had her disney princess figures, The Little Boy had his Peppa Pig toys, splashing away, letting them sink to the bottom. I listened at the door and smiled as they made up stories of mermaids and fishes. It was lovely to listen to, and its something I will remember every time I look at this photo.


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