Park Life {The Ordinary Moments}

Ever since Moo could get herself onto a slide or be pushed in a swing, she fell in love. There is nothing that makes my little girl happier than being in a park. She is obsessed with slides. If we say we are going to our local small village park she will want to take her trusty friend Flopsy, so she too can enjoy the swings and slides, dropping her from a great height first and then following her down.

Lately she has managed to practice and learn how to swing herself on an adult size swing, but when she does not feel like being independent thats when mummy or daddy step in and give her a little push.


Last weekend we went to a different park, a lot bigger than the normal village park. She loved it, especially the swing, declaring to go higher and higher! I love seeing her reaction. She was in fits of giggles the whole time. Thor wanted to go just as high, but I was a bit wary of him leaning over as he tends to hang out of his swing!

afterlight copy

Ordinary moments like this I love, the tiniest of things that little people love, that make them so happy. Moo would and could spend her whole day in a park (I am not sure that is very ordinary!) But I love the fact she loves them so much. She always gets so excited about going to one. I love the innocence of little people.

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