Glasses {The Ordinary Moments}


I can see so far away now mummy…

It does not make my guilt any more guilty than it is already! Moo’s reaction to her glasses yesterday.

I have tried to make the process over to glasses as ordinary and simple as possible. I am lucky in the fact I wear glasses full time so she understands that to help her eyes get better she must do the same. The bonus for her is they may help and she may not need to wear them all the time in the future.


I cannot quite believe how small Moo’s glasses are, they look tiny against mine. I have gone down the route of similar ones so she is more likely to wear them! I was not intending them to actually match inside though! Again I want to keep it as ordinary as possible and if its easier for her to associate that mummy wears glasses like this then hopefully it will be an easier transition to them.


So far Moo has adjusted really well. One day in and we have had no comments about taking them off, or not wanting to wear them. I am so proud of her that she has just gone with the flow.

From now on this is going to be a very ordinary moment, me and my baby girl wearing glasses together. I was a little upset and guilty that she had to wear them at first but the comment she made once wearing them made everything seem better.

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  1. They look so much cooler than my first pair of glasses. I was five, it was the 80’s, you can imagine what they looked like! I hope she keeps finding them easy to wear and fun to see everything again!

  2. I love her little glasses – very cool (and yours too!) There is so much choice now, and I rotate between a few different pairs which is nice. I often wonder if my kids will need glasses like me and how we will handle that but I think there are more cool glasses wearing role models out there now! #theordinarymoments

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