Dress Up {The Ordinary Moments}

Moo has never really been one to dress up. She does occasionally pull one of her disney pricess dresses of the rail and pop it on, with shoes to match, but its not something that she does daily.

 The little boy seems to be more interested in dressing up, and when he asked to put “the pink dress on” we thought it was time he had some dress up too. We asked if he wanted a spiderman costume and he nodded in agreement.

 With some christmas money left over, of we went to by him his very own super hero outfit. Its been a bit hiss and miss, but when he does dress up he certainly gets in too character, zooming around in his own little world, it also prompts Moo to dress up too!


I am linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for her wonderful linky The Ordinary Moments

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