Can We Go to The Park? {The Ordinary Moments}

There is nothing Moo loves more than a park. Everyday I get a question of “can we go to the park” even if we are busy, she will still ask.. She has an obsession with slides and swings..

When we moved the first thing we did was the garden, and we bought a climbing frame for Moo and H hoping it would ease the question of “can we go to the park” Now the weather is nice they have been outside a lot more and its lovely to see, but the climbing frame just doesn’t do it enough! {who would of thought!}


The outdoor climbing frame, just doest match up to an outdoor park! 

Last weekend after a breakfast of chocolate we decided to take a walk to the park.. We were the only ones there, it was so quiet and the sun was beating down… Perfect for Moo and H to enjoy and perfect for mummy and daddy to relax!

Unfortunately they only had baby swings, Moo managed to squeeze herself into one though and there they were, laughing and giggling, screaming “higher, higher”


What is it about a swing that children love, I get why Moo always asks to go to the park as we only have one swing and its a constant argument, here there are two and its never a battle to who can get to it first..

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0 thoughts on “Can We Go to The Park? {The Ordinary Moments}”

  • Ahh this is so sweet. My little one is the exact same.. though he isn’t talking just yet, he makes it plainly obvious that the wants to visit the park daily and take his trike with him! He’s also happiest on the swings. 🙂 xx

  • Ah this is lovely and a park is very much one of our most ordinary of moments too- they absolutely love it. Your garden looks amazing, my girls would LOVE that in the back of ours. x

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