Beach Trips | The Ordinary Moments 2016

Beach Trips | The Ordinary Moments 2016

I am quite lucky to live 30 minutes away from the beach. I always feel my happiest when I am sat on a blanket on the beach and in the summer we do try and make the most of it being so close, but with it being a popular destination it tends to get busy very quickly.

G’s school friends moved away to the beach and although they are greatly missed, it gives us the excuse to go and visit them and the beach. They live a little further down from the main seaside and it was my first time going to this specific part of the beach, and it most definitely won’t be my last. With blue skies and sunshine it was a perfect day to have a stroll.


We donned our wellies, hats, scarfs, earmuffs and gloves and took the two minute walk from their house and arrived to a stretch of muddy sand. In the summer it will be glorious but as it was winter it was all a bit sluggish. There was quite a group of us and we literally let the kids run wild. They went wadding in the sea thanks to the welly boots and we hunted for shells. H managed to bring back a collection of stones, which I may of left on the wall.


With rosy cheeks and cold noses we headed back for a hot cup of tea and cake. It was a lovely day and was a great way to finish the half term on.

With winter hopefully slowly fading I expect to be making plenty more trips to the beach this coming spring/summer!

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