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Friday night I went out and although I didn’t drink loads I still paid for it the next day. The thing is I am not a drinker, I only drink socially and at family parties and celebrations. Socially I do not get out very much and when I do I never go over board with the drink. I limit myself and I know when my limit is up.

Friday a few mums and I went out for a curry, it was lovely, and it was so nice to catch up outside of school. It wasn’t an overly late night, actually for me it was a late night, I barely make it past 9:30pm on a weekday and sometimes I am in bed at 8:30, so rolling in at 11:30 was a tad late for me, but it didn’t bother me as we had fun. We learnt new things about each other, listened to each others stories and talked till our hearts content without a small one butting in.

Since G started school my social life has kicked up a notch, every few months a group of us organise drinks or a meal out and I have found some lovely friends amongst them.

Back to Friday…. I strolled in at 11:30 and because Mr B was at work Saturday he was already in bed. Snoring. It took me some time to fall asleep, an over loaded belly of drink and curry was not good! I was up early to see Mr B off and felt ok, had my morning tea and then it all went downhill. I didn’t feel great all day. I stayed on the sofa for the majority of it and didn’t feel myself till 5pm! Shocking what a little drink can do to you. I then realised maybe Im a little too old to be rocking in gone 11?

But, besides the feeling groggy for a whole day I don’t think I am too old just yet to have a little fun with friends… {maybe without the double vodkas! – which I never asked for! I am sure they were doubles!!}

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  1. February 7, 2016 / 3:28 pm

    Haha glad you had a lovely time. I don’t drink that much at all anymore, I used to be a big drinker socially and also just having a glass of wine most evenings but ever since being pregnant with Mads I just have completely lost the taste for it and would honestly rather have a diet coke. So when I do drink as in being ‘out’ drinking- I feel bloody awful afterwards! x

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