The Little Girl {4 Years 11 Months}

In one months time you will be 5 whole years! I cannot quite believe where the last 5 years have gone. I remember the day I bought you over the door threshold so clearly as if it was yesterday.

You were such a tiny bundle and now you are a beautiful grown up little girl.

The first 5 years have not been easy, we have had our moments. You have thrown a fair few tantrums in your existence. But I have come to realise that you are not the only toddler that does this. You are not the only toddler to have a meltdown because you want more cake or that toy you saw in the shop. Every parent has to go through it.


The first 5 years have been an absolute joy.  You have bought light into our lives.

I adore being your mummy, I love the way you are so sensitive, warm, caring, beautiful, and strong. I wouldn’t change you. I want you to stay the way you are forever.

You will always be my baby girl and that will never change, but deep down I know you are a daddies girl, he is the one you go to hug in times of need and when your down he is the one you ask for. But I will be here waiting, I will always be waiting for when you need me. I will be here to protect you and care for you, for many years to come.

I just hope I am doing you proud as a mummy.

Mummy Heart’s You


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