The Brightest Star…

This week my little Moo played the star in the school nativity. For weeks she has come home and sang songs at the top of her lungs. I asked questions of what she had to do, but she wouldn’t tell me.

I had to provide the costume. Instead of making one, I bought one. It was a bit of an impulse buy and regrettably wished I had shopped around. I had to get a larger size but the points of the star bended back behind her back! But she still looked very cute.

The morning of the nativity I was so nervous for her! I remember when I was at school and just standing up in front of the class gave me the jitters. I honestly thought she would stick her fingers in her mouth, like she does when she gets a bit shy.

I told her I was going to be sitting in the audience and she said she would look out for me. Although we were at the back of the queue, we managed to get fairly decent seats. As Moo walked in, I could see her looking for me and daddy. She had a panicked look when she couldn’t see us so I quickly stood up and waved. She seemed to relax then!

The nativity was wonderful, it was put together really well, and all the children were fantastic. Moo guided the three kings onto the stage and stood there proudly. She sang every single song with force and I even heard her over the other children. Moo nailed the routines and I beamed with pride.

I got a bit teary when I saw her. I never in a million years thought that she would stand up and throw her all into it, she is quite shy, so I was really proud of her to really give it her all.

Once it was all over, I ran over to her to tell her how proud I was. To tell her she was the perfect star. We let them go and get change and then we were able to take them out early.

Friday, Moo had another task to do, and that was to sing Away In A Manger at the local church. We all walked down and watch the reception class sing there hearts out.

The amount of work and commitment from the teachers was amazing. They really did pull out all the stops and I think every parent was just as proud of their little ones as I was Moo.


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