Today my baby girl is nine. I cannot believe that we are in the last year of singe figures. Its scary at how fast those none years have passed. She was such a beautiful bundle of joy. She made me a mummy and gave me quite possibly the best job in the world. To look after her. Its scary that she is getting older and won’t lean on me as much as she used to.

The rush of love I had that first moment I clapped eyes on G has never disappeared. I still get it now. I am still so thankful that she, that big, bubbly, rather round newborn chose us as parents. It was so scary having a baby, it was all so new and it was like we were stepping into the unknown. But we managed and we have been amazed at how G has grown over the last nine years. Its incredible that she is ours.

She really is growing up to be the most beautiful, confident, caring, sweetest, clever, thoughtful young girl I know. She tries her best at everything which makes me so so proud. Don’t get me wrong she has her moments and they are some hell-of-a-moments. But without those she wouldn’t be who she is today. She is so loud and I wish I had a dial to turn her volume down, but when she is not here and she is at school or with friends, I miss that. I miss her big booming voice that echoes through the walls. I would not change her for anything.

Its scary that we are heading into the last year of single figures. Over the next few years comes so much change and its change I am not looking forward to. Its change that is the unknown for everyone. But for now lets celebrate that you are nine and lets not think about the fact at how quickly those nine years have crept up on us.







Heres to the last year of single figures.. Happy Birthday baby girl..



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