Glasses, Hospitals and Appointments {The Ordinary Moments}

When Moo started school, she was given a mandatory health check. I was asked if I would give my permission and I just went with the flow and ticked the yes box. Luckily I was pretty pleased that I did because the check picked up a few problems. Moo failed her hearing test several times under the school nurse, which meant we had to be referred to the hospital, which was then referred to a consultant. Luckily it was a minor op and she has passed several hearing tests since.

As well as her hearing it also picked up her eyesight. Before starting school it didn’t occur to me that I should get her eyes tested, even though I am a full time wearer. When I got the call to say that she had failed her eyesight test and her hearing I felt awful and immediately did what I could to help. I booked an appointment at my local optician as advised and waited for a referral to the hospital.

Her eyesight is pretty bad and although she has to wear glasses full time permanently she has coped with the transition really well. We were referred to the eye clinic and we have been under them for just over a year. To help her weaker eye she was prescribed patches and although it was hard at first with timings and how long it had been on for we made it a game. It wasn’t your bog standard back patch either {like I thought!} They had funky designs on them and she got to choose which one she wanted each day.

Just before christmas Moo was taken off the patches and it was a relief to find out that her eyes had practically levelled and although one is still slightly weaker, it will never be on par with the good eye. But glasses were still to be worn. We were still under the hospital so regular visits were still scheduled. {Luckily the hospital is right opposite the school, which is a huge bonus as she doesn’t miss out on much!}

This week we had another appointment and yet again she managed to nail the eye test as best as she could. She struggled a little with the weaker eye still but that is to be expected. The best news was, we were being discharged! I really do hate appointments and I have been waiting for so long for them to say, “you don’t need to come back”! 

Its such a relief to know that they feel confident enough to let her go and just be under our local optician.

She really does rock a pair of glasses!


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