The Little Boy {2 Years 6 Months}

You surprise me every day in what you do. I am amazed at the little boy that stands before me.

I never thought in a million years that I would ever have that cuddly baby everyone talks about, but you are most definitely a mummies boy. You love cuddles and often curl into me on the sofa and slowly drift of to sleep. I don’t purposely put you down for a nap anymore as you didn’t want to go to bed when it was time. The odd nap here and there though does not bother me, especially if I am getting warm baby boy snuggles.

Last week you had your 2 year check and as I knew you are just perfect. You have met all the milestones and are coming along really well.

Your speech has suddenly come from 1 word to sentences and its so lovely to listen to you chatting away to your sister. It has to be one of my favourite things at the moment, especially at bed time, you and your sister will happily chat away in bed before drifting of to sleep.

You have now been dry for 2 weeks. We have the odd accident but nothing to worry ourselves over. We have the battle of night time but that can wait. I am so proud of you for even getting this far with your training. I was so worried about potty training second time round but you have taken to it so well and even take yourself off to the potty now. You are pleased as punch when you go, looking at me with big eyes telling me you have done it.

You have such a lovely, gentle sweet personality. There are of course times when you test me, but they are irrelevant to me. I can count on 2 hands the amount of “paddy’s” you have had, and they are nothing compared to your sister!

You really do light up my world. You are so independent and would happily sit and play with your cars or trains for hours. You are really in to traffic jams at the moment, so the lounge is always one long line of cars and trains mixed together.

It feels like yesterday you were a baby in my arms. I miss that, but I would’t change the here and now for anything. I love your personality and as each day goes by, the more you are learning new things, your personality comes out more.

You make me so proud to be you mummy.


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