Its that time again where I made that fateful journey to the hospital. Friday was mole check day, and these are the appointments I hate. These are the appointments I stress over for weeks in advance. These are the appointments I wish I never had to attend. Its made even worse when the clinic is running behind and your stomach is churning, echoing around the silent waiting room.

Its hard to walk into the room with your head held high, the scenario playing out in your mind, but I walked in positive, Mr B following behind me. I had a query, a mole that was itchy and bled a little, but that came back ok, but for peace of mind I wanted it off, and for there peace of mind they agreed. I also ask about something that had appeared on my forehead but again that was fine and thankfully just looks like dry skin!

The appointments are quite in depth, you strip down and they check you from head to toe, checking every single mole, every blemish. Its not nice and I get a bit embarrassed laying there are they use a microscope to check. Its always a worry that they come back and say they are not happy, and thats exactly what they did do. Your heart sinks, your shoulders fall and you think, will this ever end.

When I had the melanoma removed they always said that I would need to keep a close eye on the surrounding area. If the cancer was to come back, it would come back near the original site.

They picked up 2 new moles that appeared next to my scar which runs down the side of my neck. I always knew I had one mole which was always there {I could feel it} but I didn’t know anything about the two new ones. It came as a shock and I felt like I had neglected myself. I felt like I had failed in keeping a check on things.

For obvious reasons these two moles have to come off. I am now on a two week urgent referral. The wait is painful, waiting to hear the phone ring. Looking out the window constantly to check to see if the postman is coming up the drive. Waiting continuously to find out when I be be rid of these moles is tedious and stressful. The only saving grace is, its Christmas so I have lots to take my mind of it

In total I would have had 4 operations and 6 removals. 2 visible scars, one running down my neck and one running down my collarbone {the others are hidden} Its been an eventful year and I am hoping as time goes by, it will get easier but, just when I think everything is ok, they come up trumps and knock me back again…


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