I have been quite vocal about my Melanoma journey on the blog. I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer last year and although everything is going well its still an ongoing battle. Last month I was back in hospital having another mole removed {3 in total} It was quite a shock when I was told I had to have more surgery,.

One month post op and with the results in I am pleased to say it was a benign mole and thankfully nothing sinister. The relief that I felt when I received the results over the phone was quite understandably euphoria. No one likes waiting and waiting for results which can potentially change your life again is by no means easy.

My world was turned upside down when I heard those 3 words. The three words everyone dreads, Sorry Its Cancer but determination and strength has got me through it. Its been both physically and mentally draining and I have been left with physical scars that show me what I have overcome. Its been hard, but the support from family and friends has been truly amazing. They pick me up when needed and I couldn’t ask for anything more. They ground me and make me see sense and show me how far I have come.

In a few short weeks, I have another plastics appointment where they will check over the existing scars I have been left with. I am currently having treatment on one as the operation left me with nerve pain. It was quite a deep incision and it was inevitable that due to the place of the melanoma they were going to cut through a nerve. I will also be in talks about tidying up the ends of the scar as I currently have some ugly bumps which to be honest didn’t bother me, it again shows me what I have been through, but I actually hate it, it makes the scar look ugly and although people say it looks fine, to me its like a flashing red beacon on my neck. I can cope with the scar, I have accepted it as part of me now but the big bobble on the end is not. I notice it every time I look in the mirror or more vainly when I am in photos. My plastic surgeon has told me its an easy fix.

My next big appointment is just before Christmas and those appointments are the ones I get most anxious about. Its nerve wracking sitting, waiting, having someone check you over fully with a magnify glass, umming, ahhing then telling you what needs to be done. I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs crossed that this appointment goes to plan. I am hoping that unlike last time, its an ok appointment, but until then all I can do is put it to the back of my mind and try not to worry about the what-ifs


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