I actually cannot believe that in a few hours we will be celebrating a new year. 2017 has been so wonderful and I am quite sad to say goodbye. Its also another year I’ve been blogging, and its been an ideal time to reflect on […]



When we moved into our house, we had the perfect room for a small office. I say office, I mean man-room! I wanted a crafty, blogging room but Mr B has far too many toys he wanted on display. My dream of a space where […]



Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. Its slightly different this week {and for the next few} as Morgana is taking a well earned break. I have decided to continue with the posts as I really enjoy writing them up and reflecting on my week. Morgana will be back on the 25th August if you want to link back up with her.

We have had a much better week this week. We have all managed to pass the strange bug that fell on us the week before and we have had a really lovely week. G and H had a mammoth playdate on Wednesday which resulted in me having 4 children for 8 hours! It was really not that bad, and it flew by. I didn’t hear much from them all day which was a bonus! We have not been out and about much as the weather has been so poor! When it hasn’t been raining we have popped out and walked the dog! Its amazing how much closer a pup brings you together, its been lovely spending so much time together and finding new places to go.

Without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove

I’ve not read too much more of my book this week. I have had a break from it as I have been so tired of an evening. However I did managed to have a flick through a few magazines this week. Nothing really to shout about!

I also read that Carpool Karaoke has now moved over to  Music, which I am really cross about. I’m a big fan of James Corden and I think he has really shot himself in the foot with this move. I am all for  BUT I don’t have a streaming account so I will no longer be able to watch these videos!

Firstly I watched Jodie Whittaker in the new BBC drama Trust Me. I was hooked from the get go and I really recommend anyone to watch it. Having lost her job for whistle-blowing, a skilled, hardworking nurse assumes her best friend’s identity as a senior doctor to start a new life in Edinburgh. Its very good and I cannot wait till next weeks episode!

last night I caught the Trailer for the new Netflix Original programme for The Crown. I loved this series and I cannot wait for season 2 to start. The trailer has left me wanting more! I have a particularly long wait as its not hitting our screens until December!

And lastly, can we just take a moment for this video. Mrs Meldrum {aka Rebecca} has been in hospital this week to have her 3rd baby. I have been a avid follower of this pregnancy and I was so upset when I found out about all her complications. I, like everyone else was patiently waiting for updates and when she posted that her beautiful little girl had arrived I was so happy. Its made my week. This video is just adorable and I have to share it. She live posted her hospital stay, up till her section and this was the birth video. Truly wonderful!


I am still very much listening to Ed Sheeran’s album + I am loving it and I thank god for Spotify so I can stream it when I am at home! Who buys albums nowadays, when you have services like this? Its actually a shame as one of my favourite things to do when I was younger was to go to Woolworths and purchase the latest number one album!

Also on Spotify I am listening to a covers playlist. I love cover version of songs. Obviously not as good as the originals but i like to hear a different feel to a song I know and love.

I have had to put my Chelsea Boots on this week. It been quite a funny week. Some days have been glorious and other days have just been awful. We had a day with non-stop rain which resulted in some local flooding areas. So much fell I thought my garden would turn to a swamp. I really wish the weather would make its mind up, I am starting to think summer is over with! I have so much washing I need to get on top of and nowhere to hang it! The pup, likes a sock or two so I have to wait till its sunny so I can hang it on the line!

Shamefully I may of worn my dressing gown a few nights this week too! How depressing, August and I am wearing a thick fluffy gown! Its been a tad chilly about 8ish so I have wrapped myself up to stay warm.


Nothing to shout about here. I made a disastrous Chilli-Con-Carnie on Tuesday. I’m a cheat and used a packet mix and Mr B oh-so-kindly said that it was bland! I wouldn’t have known as I don’t eat chilli, but my version tasted delicious! Next time I will try and make it from scratch. I could tell by Mr B’s face he was not enjoying it!


We are well into the six weeks and I have not started uniform shopping at all. I’ve started to panic slightly. The school shop always gets so busy. When I say busy I mean queues out the door busy! I also hate shoe shopping with a passion. I’ve seen on Facebook quite a few people have already bought theirs and I feel so unorganised! I hate having to book up for a slot so I end up getting them measured and then ordering online! So much easier! G is obsessed with Smiggle and wants EVERYTHING to be smuggle related, that alone costs more than the uniform! I have had to compromise with her on some bits!  Have you started the back to school shop yet?

On another note:

I have started a weekly Mini-Series called For The Love Of, I know a few people have read it and said they like the idea of it being a linky!  If you would like to share with me what you have been enjoying, next weeks topic is TV, just pick three Programmes your loving this month and write a brief description about it. I am always looking for new shows to watch, so if you want to join in you can! The topics change weekly from Vlogs, Blogs, Instagram and TV.. If its your thing I would love to see you link up!

What ever your up to, have a wonderful weekend!

I am linking up with the ever so lovely Morgana over at her new blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat  for this linky,

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When I started blogging, I wasn’t expecting it to be something I ever carried on with. I went into it half heartedly and even though I am not a prolific blogger I feel like I blog along nicely, so to speak. I’ve never blogged for the […]



2016 was a fairly good year for my blogging antics. I should of blogged more {I said I would} but it didn’t quite happen as often as I wanted. I blogged enough though and this year I intend to throw myself into mummyheartsyou whole heartedly. […]



I was debating whether to actually write a round up post. Its a bit of a tedious one to write could potentially be a bit long winded and I could get wayward and trail off of to something completely different! But I decided to do one as its quite nice to sit and have a look back on everything we did as a family throughout 2016.

What a year. The first thing we have did throughout 2016 was major work to the house. We have fitted in so much. The first thing that we did were the electrics, a full house re-wire which took 3 weeks and was utter hell. The dust was awful and I did not cope well at all. Next was, new windows across the back of the house and eventually {which ended up nearer the end of the year} a new front door, which I still love. We also got 3 bedrooms plastered, the lounge, back room and office! 3 bedrooms carpeted, painted, wallpapered and full of new furniture. Its been a hectic time but finally seems to be coming together. 2017 will see us tackle the lounge!

As a family we are all unfortunately under the hospital for one thing or another. Its quite stressful having to go to the hospital at least once a month for either myself, G, H or even Mr B. The year started with general follow up checks for me, obviously due to the circumstances I am still very much under the hospital and we head into 2017 with two more operations booked. Mr B had a minor operation this year which resulted in a “nothing to worry about” which was a relief. G is under the hospital for several things, her ears which she has had the all clear and has been discharged. Thankfully the operation was successful all those years ago and both grommets have fallen out on their own and she can now hear fully. She is also under the hospital for something entirely different. I have not mentioned anything about it as of yet on the blog but maybe in 2017 I will post about it, but for now I will leave it as she is in good health.

In 2015 we booked a big family holiday to Center Parcs. We went with Mr B’s family and quite frankly it was very much needed and we had so much fun we got home and found ourselves with a booking form for 2017. Even though H and myself were ill for the best part of the week, we still managed to get out and enjoy lots of family time, lots of fun activities and the odd spa season thrown in for good measure. It really was such a wonderful holiday and its always been Somewhere I have wanted to go. I am now lucky enough to do it all again next year!

As an immediate family of four, we have had some wonderful days together in 2016. Mr B is lucky enough to get quite a bit of time off over the summer so the school holidays saw us venturing out more. To name a few we visited castles, splash parks, mini villages, parks, woods, jump parks, ice-cream parlours, old castle ruins, London, the beach and many more places.

2016 was the year I went self hosted. I was determined to really throw myself into blogging. It didn’t quite happen though. I won’t lie, I do find it quite hard to be consistent, I don’t know why. Sometimes it doesn’t come naturally and I find myself thinking far to much about it. But I am determined to kick start 2017 with a bang and be more of a better blogger. Scheduling posts more and not leaving things to the last minute. 2016 has seen me work with some great people and I have reviewed quite a bit, I hope to carry on with that and build the blog up more.

I also learnt quite a bit about photography and what works on the blog. I was pretty strict about my photo editing and the big white borders but I have figured out on my own that it just doesn’t work well on the blog, so I have become more relaxed and less picky about how I want my photos to look. The big white border was so 2015 darling..

Its been quite a year. We have achieved so much as a family. So much individually. We have so much planned for 2017, more renovation work, more holidays, more family time and lots more blogging.

2016 has most definitely had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t change The Year That Was