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Hello Sunday, I’m back with another weekly favourites of things I have been enjoying. I’m going to share 5 things that have stood out as being a favourite. Feel free to join in as well and tweet me your posts, I would love too read about what you have been enjoying this week.

One || Afternoon Tea. This week I was invited out to an afternoon tea, to celebrate a 40th birthday. It was pretty bloody good. The host got a company in and all we had to do was sit and eat it! It was a group of mum friends from the school. We basically just filled up on cake and Prosecco. I mean what could be better? The cakes consisted of a Gin and Sicilian Lemon, Prosecco and Strawberry, Scones, a rather lovely selection of cakes and endless tea. All tied up with a good chat and lots of laughter.


Two || Tea on The Run. This week was my first FULL week as a working parent.It was a bit of a culture shock if I am honest, as I was juggling everything. But by Friday I had it nailed and I’m heading into next week feeling positive. Its really nice to go out and talk to people in an office environment and I seem to have settled in nicely. Everyone has made me feel really welcome and I love the fact I get to go out and help with the income. It was also a really busy week for clubs! Both Gracie and Henry started Choir and morning and afternoon clubs so making sure we were at the correct place at the right time was testing, but we managed it!

Three || Cosy Knits. Last week I popped into Primark and picked up a few Autumn/Winter bits. I’ve wanted to get some skirts and jumpers to make me feel more cosy for a little while. I picked up this lovely white jumper with the most vibrant rainbow detail running down the arm. I had so many private questions about it when I posted it on Instagram. It was a bargain too, at just £10. I will be honest, I struggled with the new sizing, I ended up having to go back twice to get the correct size. Don’t ask me why I just didn’t try it on there and then! eventually had to get a large, as I like the oversized look.

Four || This was actually last week, I am cheating but I forgot to do a weekly favourites, so it could still count. We started looking around senior schools. Not quite sure how its come to this but it we felt we should at least have a look. Gracie is in year five, so still a year away. One of the main reasons we looked was because there was a consultation for a new school thats being built. I wanted to get some more information on it. It transpired that it wasn’t actually that evening they would be talking about it. So I have to go back! Gracie really liked the school and it will most likely be our number one choice. Cannot believe just how quickly its come round!

Five ||  After School Park Visits. Gracie was at an after school club this week which meant I still picked Henry up at 3:15. Its a bit frustrating when one wants to do a club and the other doesn’t because we don’t love local to the school, so we tend to hang around. Luckily there is a park right next door so we spent an hour willing away the time. Luckily another mum has the same issue so at least we get to have natter while the children go off and play! It was really lovely because we had an unexpected hot day. So we were not cold waiting – we were intact roasting!

What has been your favourites from the week?


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