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Happy Sunday, I have decided to start a new series called Sunday Favourites. I will be sharing weekly 5 things that have stood out as being a favourite. Feel free to join in as well and tweet me your posts, I would love too read about what you have been enjoying this week.

One || Pina Coladas. Oh these are just gorgeous. With the sunny weather and the long warm evenings, these are quite frankly the best drinks to cool down with. I will be honest, I have only just started to drink them, only trying them for the first time a few months ago. It started of with just a slushy type, but I came home one day to my rather lovely husband shaking the cocktail shaker. Definitely my new favourite drink.

Two || Olympus Pen. Last week was my birthday and I bought myself a new camera. A shiny new Pen. I’ve been lusting after one for months and months so I took the chance when I sold my big camera and then saved it to add to my birthday money. I am totally in love with it and so glad I have finally got my mits on this rather gorgeous camera. My aim now is that I just need to make sure I use it to its full potential!

Three || Peonies. If you have an Instagram account then you tend to jump on the trends of what is happening. This is a trend that I have been loving. Peonies are such a beautiful flower, and smell amazing. I am just so gutted that they only bloom for a few months of the year. I’ve been stocking up weekly on them whilst I do my shopping. I mean, who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

Four || Morning Sun. How beautiful has the weather been lately? I have been making the most of the cooler mornings, and spending time outside. I tend to struggle in the blazing sun, so its nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather whilst its not as hot. We have had some milder weather the last few days, but this weekend has been glorious. Nothing better than sitting in the garden, with a cup of tea, listening to the birds.


Five || The Six Week Countdown. We have literally four days left at school before we break for the six weeks holidays. We have been on countdown for what seems like forever. I want lie, I am so excited about this break, its very much needed. The break of routine is something I tend to look forward to most. The longer lazy mornings and the more relaxed routine.


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