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I fell of the bandwagon last week for my sunday favourite. The weekend just went by so quickly and I just didn’t get time to sit down and reflect on the week and all the things I enjoyed. The last few weeks have been a little receptive, talking about how lovely autumn is. To be honest, its still playing a huge part throughout this week too. The weather has definitely changed and it feels more autumnal now than it did a few weeks ago.

One || Lazy Weekends. I love a lazy weekend. To be honest we have not had one in a few weeks but last sunday and yesterday were just bliss. We had no plans and we generally just stayed in and didn’t do anything. Some would say thats pretty boring, but after a few hectic weekends it was just so nice to just relax and not have any plans.

Two || Long Walks. I am going to contradict myself here massively now! Although we didn’t do anything last weekend, we did go out early and walk the dog. Now I am working, Fleur is at home alone quite a bit. I tend to work, go and pick her up and take her on the school run with me. It gives her a good 45 run around whilst I wait for the gates to open. Last weekend we did pop out to the woods and she finally went for a swim! We have tried so hard to coax her into the lake and have lost many balls in the process. She is always so cautious, but last week she just went for it and dived right in. Maybe next time she will retrieve the ball!

Three || Sleep- Walker. Henry has started sleep walking. It isn’t overly bad, but I think when he is over-tired. Its funny, because I was really bad when I was younger. He used to do it when he was younger. Randomly standing in the dark with his nightlight at the bottom of our bed, freaking both me and James out. The past few weeks he has started back up and last week took me by surprise! He was so panicked and looked really scared but I did what my sister always did to me and told him to go back to bed. He did, but he was still unsure. I tucked him back in and he was soon snoring peacefully. When I was younger I was terrible at sleepwalking, I was so bad, I actually attacked my sister I went over and whacked her over the head.

It’s a funny feeling when you sleepwalk or talk. I tend to remember everything I did/do. Henry was talking about his little incident at dinner one night and he said he felt weird and not quite right, I fully understood what he meant. It’s definitely a strange feeling! Hopefully he outgrows it! Don’t want him hanging out windows like I did when I was younger! Yes you read that right! So bloody dangerous

Four || Morning Sunrise. Next to Gracie and Henry’s school is a huge field. Every morning at drop off, I look out and watch the sunrise. Its so beautiful. It glistens across the whole field and highlights the dew and its the look of autumn I absolutely love. I have said it countless times, but it is my favourite kind of year, crisp in the morning but warmer throughout the day. Perfect weather.

Five || Crochet. I have to admit, I’ve not picked up my crochet hook in well over a year, maybe even longer. I was sat watching Strictly one Saturday evening and I just happened to pick it up. I’ve just not had the time, but I have missed it. Its something I find to be really relaxing and I have managed to pick it up a few more times over the last few weeks. I still have so much more to do, but I absolutely love the pattern I decided on. Who doesn’t like a good chunky blanket? Henry thinks I am making it for him. He has taken a very strong liking to my ripple blanket I made a few years ago, I can never ever get to it as he is always wrapped in it!



  1. October 28, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    I’m loving autumn, you don’t really get them in the Med and this autumn has so far been gorgeous with the sun shining and slightly warmer weather, although that’s very quickly changing – had the heating on full blast all day! Fleur looks so funny in that lake bless her, crazy little thing! I do love your crochet blankets, that pattern is gorgeous. Have a great week x

    • mummyheartsyou
      October 29, 2018 / 7:19 am

      Yep, the heating has been on here too! The mornings and evenings are the main times! Hate getting out of bed when it’s cold!

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