Sunday Favourites | Week Five

Hello Sunday, I’m back with another weekly favourites of things I have been enjoying . I have decided to start a new series called Sunday Favourites. I will be sharing weekly, 5 things that have stood out as being a favourite. Feel free to join in as well and tweet me your posts, I would love too read about what you have been enjoying this week. Would you like to join in? If so, let me know and I can open it up as a weekly linky? One || Doggy Walks. Getting to go out and walk the dog is something that I love to do. It clears my head and its nice to get out and about. We have quite a few country parks local to us so we are never short on places to go. With the heatwave we have had, its been difficult to get Fleur out as its been so hot. But the cooler weather that we have had recently means we have been able to enjoy without worrying that its too hot for her.  
Two || London Town. When you have this gorgeous city on your doorstep {well a 20 minute train ride} I don’t go to London  no way near enough as I would like, but when I do I literally take in everything as if I’m seeing it for the first time. Such a beautiful city. We took advantage of a very lovely sunny day and made a very early trip to town to enjoy The Tower of London. Was such a wonderful day.  
  Three || Me Time. One thing I adore, is a hot bath. With the very hot weather they have not really been something I have wanted. Now its cooled down it means I can enjoy a bath at the end of the day with my book. I am 100% a bubble bath person over a shower.  

Four || Cosy Evenings. This week is a running theme, because have been going on about the cooler weather. It means it brings cooler evenings, which brings cosy blankets and tea. You cannot beat snuggling down on the sofa with a soft homemade snuggly blanket. I think its a bit too early to be lighting the candles!  
  Five || Banishing The Grey. Over the last few years I have noticed a considerable amount of grey hairs peeping through. I struggle to actually cover them and this hair dye is by far the best one for me. I love the vibrancy of the colour and its full coverage which is a huge bonus as I have quite a few greys to cover! They also have a huge range of different colours to choose from, and its cheap, which is a big bonus!  

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  1. November 8, 2018 / 9:13 am

    I love reading favorites 🙂 It also allows me to appreciate the little things in life, like walking the fur babies, enjoying a warm bath and just simply having a moment every morning to enjoy coffee or tea.
    Thank you for sharing your favorites 🙂

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