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Hello Sunday, I’m back with another weekly favourites of things I have been enjoying. I’m going to share 5 things that have stood out as being a favourite. Feel free to join in as well and tweet me your posts, I would love too read about what you have been enjoying this week.

One || Homemade Lunch. When I wasn’t working, I was the worst person to ever not eat much. I never actually would sit down and eat something. I found I was always busy doing other things to find the time to have an hour out and fill my stomach. Since starting work, I have been taking n a pack lunch, ready made. I have found that by half eleven I am really quite hungry. The first week I  used to take it in a carrier bag, but I saw this rather lovely Cath Kidston pack lunch box and it was ideal for my daily sandwich! I cheated massively last week and bought a roll from the bakers everyday, I am promising myself this week I will go back to making it myself!

Two || Vodka. Before I found a new favourite drink in the shape of a Pina Colada, I was a Vodka and coke kind of girl. I run out of Coconut Milk last week, so ended up having a cheeky vodka with my dinner. Its really the only ever drink I have when I go out, It never ever tastes the same as a pub measure though when I make it myself. I have decided to have a little bar area in the kitchen and I will be purchasing some Optics to display my new bottle of Grey Goose!

Three || Chelsea Boots. The weather has turned ever so chilly on the school run if a morning. The sandals have well and truly been put to the back of the wardrobe and the chelsea boots have made a very reluctant return. I bought a new pair a few weeks ago and I love the colour. Ive been teaming them with tights and skirts. I feel more confident this autumn, styling fro the season. Im stepping out of the mum uniform with ease!

Four || Red Skies. Last week, Gracie and Henry had a random inset day. James was off with them whilst I went to work. It was James Birthday so we decided to head out for a bit of shopping and dinner when I finished. We actually spent quite sometime out and we need up watching the sunset over B and Q! Bit random, yes, but James decided he needed to pop in whilst we were there and because its my least favourite shop I stayed in the car and watched the sunset. Red skies are just beautiful, right?

Five || Fleur. I will be honest, I have missed this one lots since I have been working. One of the main reason we got a dog was because I was at home. I was able to come home, walk her, and be with her so she wouldn’t be left. I have been having severe guilt about leaving her during the day. She tends to get a vibe if we are all going to be out. I try and come back between the morning school run and starting work to walk her quickly. Last week, it was hard. I had meetings, school stuff going on and this little one was slightly neglected. We made up for an extra long walk today though!



  1. October 7, 2018 / 6:10 pm

    Hello Sunday! I love your Chelsea Boots by the way 😉
    The quote beside Vodka was awesome too: You live once, But if you do it right, once is enough! Feel happy to see all sorts of good stuffs you’ve shared

  2. October 9, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Aww Fleur is as cute as ever. I’m shocked you don’t have a flamingo lunch box to be honest! I was always a vodka girl, although having recently discovered gin I’m loving all the different flavours that seem to be floating around at the moment. Hope work’s still going well x

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