my sunday favourites | week thirteen

Its that time where I get to sit down and reflect on all the favourite things I have enjoyed this week. Its been a long week and one that has had me with a heap of emotions. Its been bitterly cold, icy and a very wet rainy week. The weather has definitely reflected my mood but without too much waffling and dwelling, here are a few of my favourites this week.

One || White-Wash Walls

So in my last weekly favourites I mentioned about our newly plastered walls. This week I am enjoying the white-wash look. Its the undercoat to prep the walls for their final colour. Its a step closer to finally seeing the completed look. I am really looking forward to actually seeing a colour on the wall. The kitchen is my room, its where I spend most of my time, so I have chosen most of the colour scheme and I am so excited to see it all come together!

Two || New Hair Cuts

Three out of the five of our household have had shiny new hair cuts {James and the Flour the dog are still due a trim!) I went and have a big chop last week. My hair waist an awful mess. I absolutely hate going to he hairdresser, but I decided to just suck it up and take myself of to a new one last week. I was really impressed and I am really happy with it. Its short, and one I will need to upkeep! Gracie and Henry went yesterday for their trim. Gracie had a tidy up and Henry had a massive change in style. He kind of rocks it, if I’m honest.

Three || Winter feels

Its been bitterly cold this week and with it came ice. I think it got to 0° one morning! Ive had to de-ice the car quite a few times. I actually like waking to ice on the car, its a bonus when you have a heated front window screen, saves you scrapping it off!} All of a sudden, it feels like winter. I have loved wrapping up warm with a wooly hat. Stepping in from the cold to a warm home. Definitely getting the winter feels!

Four || Rogan Josh

A few weeks ago Gracie and Henry had a cooking lesson at school. Both came out and said how nice the meal was they cooked. They apparently ate the lot. When I found out what they made and what they actually ate I was pretty shocked as its something they would never have eaten if I had dished it up. Chicken Rogan Josh. I managed to grab the recipe from school and cooked it one evening this week for us all. It was so tasty and one we all enjoyed. Definitely going to be cooking it more. It was so simple too and really didn’t take long to prep, cook and eat!

Five || Im A Celebrity

Its back, and I am loving this series. Holly is doing exceptionally well co-presenting {I do miss Ant though} The line up is fantastic. Ive taken a liking to Harry. He is just so sweet and the stories he has been telling are just great. I am also a huge fan of Anne, she is so brave to even contemplate on going in. She is fighting a lot of battles. She is doing really well though. She definitely has a good chance of winning it.

What have been your favourites this week?


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