my sunday favourites | week fourteen

Its that time where I get to sit down and reflect on all the favourite things I have enjoyed this week. Its been nothing like last week, its gone really quickly and I have had a better week all round. Ive struggled with my sleep but I am feeling a lot more positive than I did in week thirteen. Im guessing it because we have hit December and I am feeling all festive and ready to see what the month as ahead. Without too much waffling and dwelling, here are a few of my favourites this week.

One || Lasagna

I cooked a lasagna this week. Ive not cooked one in months. I wanted to attempt something new by cooking the whole thing in my slow cooker but I didn’t want to risk messing it up. I stuck with the standard way of cooking a lasagna and did it in the oven. I love this dish, mostly from restaurants as I find I always tend to mess it up but this week I was pretty impressed with the result!

Two || Cosy Evenings

This is the time of year I love. Where its cold outside and inside you have the warmth of the fire and blankets. Its not often we put the fire on but this week we had it on a few times. I also managed to light candles most evenings. I love a candle.

Three || Mince Pies

I am taking full advantage of the mince pies at the moment. I think I have been eating them since the beginning of November! I love a mince pie, and I have found some from Asda that are just lovely. They have a brandy butter cream topping, which isn’t what I would normally go for, but they are really rather yummy! Im going to be very upset come January when they won’t be on sale any more!

Four || Advent

The 1st of December brought with it the start of advent. I managed to get myself a beauty one this year and I have had it for well over a month. I was so excited to wake up yesterday and open the first window! There were so many to choose from, I decided to get the Soap and Glory one in the end. It has a mixture of, make-up, skincare and bath products. Ideal!

Five|| Ambulance

This programme is such an eye opener to what the ambulance service have to deal with. Its shocking the lengths of what people do and the reasons to why they call an ambulance. This series has concentrated on the amount of call-outs they get for mental health and its devastating that those suffering only have the option of calling 999 because of the lack of facilities to help them. Its definitely opened my eyes to what actually goes on. Truly upsetting.


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