my sunday favourites | week eleven

What a week. We have finished our two week half term break. I managed to get through our first half term as a working parent. It felt so strange relying on family to look after Gracie and Henry. They had lots of fun though and managed to get out and about with family. This past week has been a more chilled week for them both. I have had less driving to do and James has been off to help out too. Here are a few things I have been loving this week.

One | Halloween.

I never ever did halloween as a child. It was something we just didn’t do. I personally don’t like the idea of knocking on strangers doors and receiving something for it. When for the rest of the year you spend your time telling your children they shouldn’t talk to strangers. I think I read far too much into it.

I have been a bit relaxed the last few years and we go out with family. I am still not keen on it but both Gracie and Henry really enjoy it, so I can’t deny them it when everyone else is doing it. Wednesday we drove up to James Sisters and did halloween with them. Halloween Buckets full to the brim and two happy children made halloween rather fun this year!

Two || Fireworks.

The past few years we have made it a tradition to go and watch a free fireworks display. I love watching fireworks from afar, so this was ideal. We headed out early for a spot of dinner at a local cafe and spent spent a small fortune at the seaside resorts amusements.

It was one of the coldest evenings we have had, and we froze our socks off. But it was worth it to watch the display. It didn’t last long, 15 minutes max but it was really lovely. Lots of people had the same idea because everyone loves a freebie so it was very very busy, but totally worth battling the crowds for.

Three || Fresh Donuts.

You cannot go to the coast and not take advantage of the donut stalls. Its a must. I am a sucker for a freshly made donut. When your wrapped up, with cold noses divulging into a warm, sugared donut, I mean what more could you ask for?  When ever I visit the coast, Its on the top of my lists to do. Gracie and Henry wouldn’t turn them down either!

Four || Clean House.

I will admit now that I have been pretty slack on the house front lately. I had a day off on Tuesday and I spent the best part of it cleaning. It felt good and I love walking in to a room when its been deep cleaned. It doesn’t stay tidy for long when two children are involved though. I am still juggling the home life and work life situation. Once Gracie and Henry are back at school I am hoping to get back in to a cleaning routine!

Five || Conker Picking.

We have kept up with our weekend woodland walks for a few weeks now and its nice to get out and get some fresh air. Put electronics down and enjoy each others company as a family. You cannot go to the woods and not collect conkers. Its a natural instinct to see one and pick it up. I love to find them still incased in there outer spikey shell and pull them apart.

How has your week been? What has been your favourites this week?


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