Every month I have decided to pop up a post all about my two. It only seems fitting considering this is a parenting blog. It’s rare that I blog about G and H specifically. I blog about how hard I find parenting and the struggles that come along with it, but not individually on how they are doing. I used to do updates every few months on how each were doing but I’ve decided to do it slightly different with how I go about the blog post. Monthly posts I feel will work better, and it’s a prompt for me to take more photos. Which is what I am lacking lately!

May has been such a lovely month and we close it with a week away. Its been a lovely sunny month and we as a family have spent some really lovely quality time together.

G has grown in confidence this month. She has been taking part in dance lessons at school and its something that she seems really passionate about. I am amazed at how confident she has become. Several occasions when I have  dropped her off at school for early morning club her teacher has commented on how well she is doing in class. Its lovely to hear and makes me super proud. This term school wise, G managed to complete a piece of homework without any help and really put her all into it. It was a great piece and something she should be very proud of.

Health wise, G has a fair few problems.. We started the month with G declaring that she couldn’t see. This was a worry as although she wears glasses, we have recently {within the last few years} been discharged from the hospital for her eyes. Thankfully nothing out of the blue came up and a small prescription change will hopefully help. G has also been under the weather quite a bit this month. A cough and a cold and then the week before we were due to go away she came down with a double ear infection, with a strong dose of antibiotics she was fit and well before we left.

May has been a very important month as its the last month H will ever be 5! He is on countdown to his birthday which is now just a few short weeks away. Its been a busy month of compiling birthday wish lists. H has progressed so much at school this month. His writing and reading has improved immensely and he always has a pen and a book in his hand. H has become rather obsessed with Hotwheels cars through May. He has put a rather large plastic fantastic garage on his birthday list so he has been busy building up his collection of cars ready for when {if} he gets it!

We have really been trying to influence H to do things for himself this month. We are making a conscious effort of not pandering to him all the time. Its hard as he is the baby of the family and I feel like I should do it, but there comes a time when really he should be doing it for himself.

Like every month we are still very much battling with the bedtime routine. I find this the hardest part of the day and we really need to get on top of it as its causing both G and H to have some bad temper moments due to tiredness.

May has been a rather lovely month and we have finished on a high with a very lovely holiday. Seeing both G and H bond has been lovely and very much a joy to watch.


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