Every month I have decided to pop up a post all about my two. It only seems fitting considering this is a parenting blog. It’s rare that I blog about G and H specifically. I blog about how hard I find parenting and the struggles that come along with it, but not individually on how they are doing. I used to do updates every few months on how each were doing but I’ve decided to do it slightly different with how I go about the blog post. Monthly posts I feel will work better, and it’s a prompt for me to take more photos. Which is what I am lacking lately!

April has been a funny old month. We have spent quite a bit if time together as a family, thanking the Easter holidays for this. We made sure we made the most of the glorious weather and got out quite a bit. It meant i was able to take some photos of my two together.

This month G has managed to become Star of the week at school. She moved up in her swimming class and she also received a few extra awards school for her writing work. Academically this girl tries her best at everything. We know the subjects she struggles in and we work with her teacher to try and push and it has really shown. Her confidence since moving up to juniors has sky rocketed and she makes me so proud.

H has done just as well in school. He has taken a real liking to reading and constantly has his school book to hand. He loves to read with me and over the past few weeks I have seen a huge improvement. It has definitely paid off. As soon after the Easter break he was moved up to the next reading level at school. I worry about H academically, he isn’t as quick as G and rather lazy when it comes to writing and school work. After having a chat with his teacher at the end of term I feel much more confident that he does actually knuckle down at school.

In February I mentioned about the sleeping routine and how it had basically gone to pot. We decided to put both G and H to bed a little later of an evening and its actually worked really well. We don’t have them messing around in each others rooms. The extra hour they are awake we use as wind down. They watch TV with us or if the weather is nice they get to play in the garden a little longer. Its working really well and so far we have had a much better bedtime routine.

With half the month being the Easter holidays we met up with friends and family. We had a few play dates and G had a few sleepovers. As a family, we managed to spend some quality time together which was lovely.

We have had a few sickness this month. H had a virus which resulted in a rash and the odd sickness spell. G had a terrible cough which seemed to last for days. It wasn’t fun and I ended up making a mad dash to the pharmacy to get supplies!

I have loved watching these two in April. They have been a complete and utter joy to watch.



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