The Joys Of Homework…

When Moo entered year one I wasn’t expecting her to have to complete monthly homework. I was expecting spelling cards and maybe a few maths bits to complete in her book bag, but after a few weeks it was revealed that it was going to be full on homework! I and a few a lot of other mums were quite concerned by the amount and the poor teacher got a hefty talking to on the first parents evening of the term..

With the plan slightly changed it was much easier to complete the homework in the 4 week time scale and not having to choose 2 activities to do out of the 3 we now only had to choose one.

Moo has taken this in her stride and the last two pieces she has done so well at. I have obviously had to help her but I literally explain what has to be done and she does it.

Last term Moo was learning about “under the sea” and she chose to make a fish tank.. As she had been watching The Little Mermaid” at school she was determined to put a mermaid in. We searched the internet for pictures that she could print out and colour. Once she had finished that task, we got on to building the box.. Luckily someone had given me a a present for christmas which would be perfect fish tank material.. We decorated inside, which was quite a task with little hands so I did take over a little, we then went on to hang the fishes.. All in all it was a good task and she really enjoyed it!

The next terms homework was based on Jungle Animals.. They were working on the Jungle theme this term so it was inevitable that that was going to be the basis of the homework. With much deliberation over the 3 choices we decided that baking a cake would be more fun and something Moo could do on her own {with a little help!}

Moo took this in her stride {she takes after her mother!} and with very little help {weighing was a problem and obviously dealing with the cooker was a no no} she managed to do it herself! I had to guide her and make sure she was doing it right, but all in all she did a mighty fine job! You can get the full recipe here

I actually dreaded homework when I was younger, especially when I was in senior school! I cannot remember ever having any when I was at junior school, let alone infant! The last two Moo has been given, t has been fun and she has really enjoyed it! I am hoping the next lot is going to be just as good!


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