Yankee Candles {Review}

I love yankee candles. I absolutely love their range of scents and out of the fair few they have I can count on one hand the ones I am not hugely fond of.

When they contacted me and asked me to review some, I jumped at the chance. Last week I received a lovely package and here is what I think of them!


I received 6 wax tarts and a cream satin wax burner. Now I was slightly worried that the wax would only last a few hours but after burning one tart for a few nights, I can see them lasting quite a while, which I am really impressed with! I was also worried about how I was going to get the hardened wax out of the burner once it had cooled, and yet again I was really surprised that when I turned the burner jar upside down it fell out! Easy as that!


Wax tart before burning


Wax tart after burning

I have managed to burn 3 out of the 6 I have received and I have loved every single one of them. The wax tart lets of a subtle smell, not to potent and even when its not burning it still vaporises the air and leaves a lovely smell that lingers, which is a good thing! Several occasions I have thought that the burner was burning, but it actually wasn’t!

As its getting nearer to christmas, I was sent some christmas scents {candy cane lane, angels wings, bay leaf wreath, silver birch, christmas garland and icicles} I have burnt {not all of it} candy cane lane, silver birch and icicles. All three have let of a scent of christmas and has really got me in the christmas mood. My favourite so far is candy cane lane, it was a sweet not over powering scent and lingered all day once burnt.

I have never thought about buying wax tarts, I have always gone for the larger glass jars, but since having these little beauties I will think twice as they are just as good. I really believed that they would last a couple of hours, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to blow the burner out that there was still plenty of wax burning to do.

You can pick up the wax tarts and the burner online, in-store or garden centres, they range in price but I have seen the tarts mostly for £1.20, and the burner for £4.99

Do let me know your favourite scent in yankee candle in the comments below!

I was sent the burner and six tarts for the purpose of this review and as alway the content and words are all my own.. 


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