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Anyone that knows me, knows that I can be a bit slack when it comes to labelling uniform, pack lunch boxes and anything else that is school related. I was asked to test out some Write Away labels a few weeks ago and I am now converted and will most definitely be labelling with proper labels and not just the Sharpie pen from now on.

The iron on labels were so easy and simple to use I don’t know why I have not given them a try before now. With a quick glide of the iron I had a freshly attached labels that even G and H were impressed with. Due to names I can’t show the uniform I did label, but I was so pleased with the outcome of them. The pack comes with 28 iron on labels and they have cute little pictures on so they are easy to pick out if your child cannot read.

The sticker labels were my favourite and so very easy to use. I have since been around the house looking for things to label. They are slightly bigger than the iron on labels and again have fancy little designs so they are easy recognisable. H was a tad upset as they didn’t have any designs in the pack for boys, but I have since had a look online and you can buy boy designs. The sticker pack comes with 30 peel-able labels and again, like the iron on, they are so easy to use.

I have definitely found a much easier and simpler way to labelling items, I won’t be going back to writing in anymore.

**I was sent these items for free, all words and opinions are my own**


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