Life is an adventure. Anything in the world is possible – by will and by luck, with a moist carrot, a wet nose and a slice of mad courage!

Shylo has always been the runt of the litter, the weakest and quietest of all of his family, his siblings spend their days making fun of him for not being like the rest of them. But when Shylo stumbles across a band of ratzis and overhears their evil plan to take a photo of the Queen in her nightie, it’s up to this unlikely hero to travel to London and inform the Royal Rabbits of London about the diabolical plot!

The Royal Rabbits of London have a proud history of protecting the royal family and now the secret society need to leap into action to stop the ratzis…But can a rabbit as feeble and shy as Shylo convince them that Queen is in danger?

The Hobbit meets Fantastic Mr Fox meets Watership Down in this charming novel from bestselling authors Santa and Sebag Montefiore, which proves even the smallest rabbit can be the biggest hero.

As you know as a family we are huge book fans and when I was asked to review The Royal Rabbits of London I was really excited. To be honest I had never heard of the authors before so I was intrigued to read it.



On first glance I was taken aback at how beautifully illustrated the book is. The cover is just gorgeous and the illustrations within the book are just as good. My only niggle would be that I actually wish the illustrations in the book were colour. It would set the book of all together and bring it so much more to life.

The story has you gripped from page one till the end Its beautifully written and one we all enjoyed as a family. I can see it becoming one of those books you return to over and over, a classic within our household. The story was fun and Shylo was such an engaging character which left you wanting more.


Have you read it? If not I would highly recommend a read. It currently retails between £6 and £10 so its well worth a buy..


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