I love having plants around the house, but I tend to fail at keeping them alive. I buy them with all the intentions of keeping them well watered but I let myself and the plant down by forgetting too water them regularly. I’d been asked to review a Plant Pal a few weeks ago and I literally jumped at the chance. Mainly because I really like to have fresh plants in the house and I love to see them burst with colour and grow. Also it makes me rather proud that I managed to keep it alive! The Plant Pal is ideal for those like me that tend to forget about the all important ingredient to keeping a plant alive! Water!

Plantpal is an award winning and patent pending self watering system that allows plants to regulate the release of water according their needs. Plantpal can be used all year round and is especially useful when you are away on holiday. The watering globe protects houseplants from over watering by allowing plants to take exactly what they want when they need it. Here are a few helpful tips about Plant Pal

  • Plants water and feed themselves on demand
  • Prevents over or under watering
  • Adds Value to gift plants
  • Encourages healthy plant growth
  • Waters plants while away on holiday
  • Refill once every 2 weeks

I have loved using my Plant Pal, I received 3, which I managed to put in plants around my home. I’ve filled them all with water once so far and I am suprised at how little water the plants need! I can either over water or never water so having these are really handy. They come in really vibrant colours and are really easy to use.

The instructions are that you Dip the end of the globe in water for a few seconds. If you don’t leave it under a stream of water for long enough then the water will release from the globe over a few hours, so run it or even leave it in a cup of water for at least 5-10 seconds. The first time I put the Plant Pal into my plant the water leaked out over 12 hours. So I left the dip stick in water for at least 10 seconds. Ive have not had to refill in over 2 weeks! You then fill the globe fully with water, create a hole in the soil and insert it fully into the plant. Easy as that!

You can use Plantpal watering globes in small plant pots starting from 18 cm. The Mini Plantpal watering globe has a capacity of 250ml and will water up to 2 weeks. For larger plants, the large Plantpal watering globe has a capacity of 380ml.

Its definitely something I will use all the time. I cant wait to see my plants bloom now I have a continuous supply of water to it! I just need to remember to add more water to the globe when it runs out!

If you fancy getting your hands on a Plant Pal, then your in luck, as I am running a completion for you to win one! You can enter below! Good Luck

Win 3 Large Plantpal Watering Globes #5

* I was sent a Plant Pal for the purpose of this review*


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